Saturday, November 05, 2005

A smile to last a 9 month mile

A long line of women with bellies
With dreams, hopes, fears
Just like everyone else
But most clad in burka
Some spoilt, some repressed
Some may get depressed
As months become heavy
But all waiting to see her

She is always smiling
No matter what
Be it a Monday
Or a rainy day
Or every other hectic day
Husbands and wife beaters
Mothers in law and mothers to be
Are all humbled
By her power to make or break

Your little one is doing well
And she creates a smile
Are you drinking enough water?
She creates a crease in the forehead
Your baby’s head is fixed
And she creates a ripple of joy

Women screaming in labour
Nurses jostling around
Stretch marks, swollen stomachs
Sour moods and sore nipples
A mingled stink of tiredness
But behind her desk
She is fresh like the
Baby’s first cry

My baby all of 2.3
Eager to see the world
Before her time
But She was there
To carry her out to
Her world of smiles
Before she became one of us

A long line of women waiting
To be told the truth
To be comforted
To be small once again
To feel good just by a smile

A long line of women waiting
Except me.
Dr Bindu ,Dr Bindu
I hate to say adieu
New Mommy

A bundle in my arms
And a long dusty road
I look beside me
And there they all are
Father, mother
Grandma and husband.
It’s as good as it gets

But there she appeared
The vamp
dressed in a golden gown
She was polite at first
With warm whispers
Then bereft of her gown
She was very hot
Tired Mommy said
no more I can go on.
Daddy stopped to hold her hand

A bundle in my hands
And a long dusty road
With grandma and husband
But its worth the walk
I stopped to sleep a little
Then I heard the wail
“Not your maid at old age”
And she wouldn’t budge
My grandma.

A bundle in my hands
And a long dusty road
With husband so loving.
Nothing else mattered.
A swoop of them
In grey black coats
Vultures or bosses
They plucked him away
To do their dirty work

A bundle in my arms
And a mad bad world
All alone.
What have I done?
Small No more

I was walking
Dressed in a T shirt
Cold whispers from two women
Too small too small
The T shirt
The T shirt was once big
Now I have just grown up.