Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My princess is happy inspite of a neurotic, self obsessed mother

Sunday, April 09, 2006


It's been three days after my B'day debacle. I turned 25 on April 6th but I feel 95. Okay that's an exaggeration....65 is more like it. I woke up more cranky as usual........and then it started. the bad karma or whatever that pursues me on every national holiday, sunday and any special day. The driver didnt come. And I had to phillion ride with my husband. Fought with him as usual.


Hubby: you are just a cribber. This is more like a letter and there is nothing creative about the crap you write.

Me: You fool, this is a blog...it's like my diary.

Hubby: It's a cribber's diary. If anybody's a little positive, they will not read your crap.

Me : Like I care.


And I was thinking on my B'day, riding phillion with my helmet wearing hubby. "It's kinda cute if i die today, born on April 6th, died on April 6th". And I wallowed in something called sadistic self importance till I reached the dreaded office.

The evening was worse. I looked nice in my b'day dress. Yes bought one with the money my grandfather gave me. Guess I would be the only married working woman who takes money from 78 year old grandfather on pension. Yes in things like this I am always first. Then just when we were leaving for dinner, my mother and my aunty had an ugly argument over my baby. My aunty said that it's my mother's responsibility to look after my baby and my mother said that she has a job to do and she has my bro to look after. My baby's greatgrandmother the original caretaker now no longer in the post due to asthma and a thankless baby looked the otherway. And i looked pretty in pink. Blah blah blah blah sobbing mother, heated words, screwed up birthday.

Moral of the story

Always be 18.
Have babies when babysitters are available at Annai Illam.
Pretty in pink need not be happy in pink.
Always use a condom.