Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The partition between their workstations was the only barrier. She tried to catch a glimpse of him; she could if she craned her neck really hard. He had small eyes and that was nice, big eyes on a man is effeminate. Of course they are exceptions. His hair was thick and somehow seemed to promise that they would be around for a long time. She pictured her salon-manicured hands on his hair. That sent a thrill of anticipation around her spine. She liked her hands; they are the hands of a pianist, long slender and nice. Her ex bf had once told her that they were even better than her face. And surprisingly that made her blush. The first thing she had noticed about him was his hands. They were nice, nails cut squarely and the best part of all, they was no ring.

Suddenly on a whim, she opened the Photoshop pasted her photo and his from the employee photos. They made a good pair. She pasted a long flowing Victoria Secrets gown on herself and a smart tuxedo on him. Obviously that wouldn’t be what they would be wearing when they are getting married. She would be draped in a crimson kancheepuram sari and he would be in a white mundu if he wanted. She suspected that he was a Punjabi but he had no ‘singh’ attached to his name. But her source had told her that he was. Then it would be a Punjabi wedding. And if she really saved and cut down on all her manicures and pedicures and not take that vacation to Malaysia, she could afford a Tarun Tahiliani lehenga. She was finally getting married. She always believed that anybody could get what they wanted.

Opportunity is sometimes difficult to grab and she waited for the kill. She always noted that during lunch hour when everyone else was out or in the pantry, he was in his seat.
She decided to slowly sneak on him from behind and sensuously plant a kiss on his neck. It was daring and it was just the thing to do for a woman who knew what she wanted. At exactly 1, 0clock when the seats started getting empty, she applied and reapplied the straw berry lip balm. Her hands felt clammy and throat really dry. She slowly sneaked on him and grabbed him . AWWWWWWW…..he yelped with a jerk Their eyes met for the first time. He looked violated and was shaking. Ashamed at herself, she looked at the wall and her eyes caught his computer screen. Two men lip locked passionately.

It was her first day in office after her vacation. She had put the incident behind her. Time heals all. It began with the routine. A trip to the loo . Then to the coffee machine. And since she was really early, a cursory reading of the office message board. But someone was earlier. And there it was pasted clearly a colour print out of her in her Victoria secrets gown and him in the tuxedo. And somebody had carefully drawn an unmistakable moustache on her beaming face.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The New Me

I just shifted from PR to creative ad solutions which is just a euphemism for marketing. Think I like this's gonna be challenging cos it's a new thing for me. My baby is with my the maid walked off one fine day.......just like that and I have to put in late hours. I realised something about me today. I have an anger problem. I am always angry with some thing or the other. I was never this person and I am also pretty apprehensive about using the escalator. And this is pretty weird as I have danced in escalators wearing 5 inch heels before.
I also cry when I see something really sad on TV exactly like my mother. eeeeeeeeks. Guess I am becoming old.
Is twenty five old???

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Bosses like shoes come in all sizes. Some make your life miserable and some are seemingly nice. But at the end of the day, the boss is the boss and can never be your friend. And if you are friends with your boss, then you will have to be a subordinate for life or till the boss retires. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

The Great Pretender

Bosses are made with preconceived ideas. They are also born with the thought that they are always right . Nothing you do can change that. But bosses go to Management school where they are taught the basics “ A good boss is a team person”. So the next time the boss wants an idea, He calls you and the other guys in office, gives the rehashed motivational talk which has been passed from conference rooms to conference rooms. The heroes are changed conveniently. If it was Sachin last year, it’s about the indomitable spirit about Lance Armstrong that beat all odds this year. Or a footballer as it’s the World Cup season. Whatever. Then he uses his favourite word “brain storm”. You actually think. The other guys do too. You come up with some brilliant ideas. At least you think so . The other guys are not bad either. The boss listens patiently, looks grave, nods his head at the right moments, gives the right reactions and even asks the right questions. And he is actually thinking I am a team person and I have to go through this till lunch. The coffee is weak , I must sack the cafeteria. Next time I am not flying Jet, they did not update me to the Business class……considering my position and flying time. Sensex is down shit and I need to have sex often……

Post lunch. He smiles at everybody and says something about good effort and how creative everybody is and about team spirit and he looks at you in a special way. It makes you feel smart and you think idea is accepted. Everybody drinks coffee and he drinks it extra slow with a deep concentration thinking this is definitely not the way he likes his coffee.

The next morning, he says what his plan is. It’s the original plan decided by him long time back. The one he is born with. He smiles broadly and thanks everyone. Nobody knows why as it has nothing to do with what anybody said. But nobody says anything as he is the boss. Everybody drinks an extra strong coffee that is almost bitter. He finishes his cup first and looks exceedingly happy.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

GOOD OR BAD?????????
Was really bored and did a rough draft for Kamia's 1'st birthday card. I think it's okay. Sharada says it's pathetic n amateurish n says the copy leaves much to be desired. Actually it's supposed to be amateurish ... If anyone reads this blog..lemme know what you think.