Monday, November 27, 2006

How to fuck someone’s trip
….in a polite and dignified manner

Rule number one
Dress well. Try to look your best. Flaunt your best clothes and accessories
Cos when you actually look good, nobody can really screw ur trip
Unless you want to get screwed ( that of course is another story)

Rule No two
Ignore , Ignore Ignore….zoom in to the object/person of your distaste and IGNORE.
Pretend that you haven’t seen their pretty(god forbid) or ugly ( smirk ) face, And you definitely didn’t hear what Distaste was trying to tell you. And if Distaste is just right in front of you like you can see the consistency of his eyeballs then you smile exactly like a bitchy secretary who has denied you an appointment with the top man the hundredth time. The golden rule here is never show the teeth.(literally) or for that matter the claws too.

Rule No Three
Be cool. Drink lots of water . Keep your skin hydrated . So even if you are really angry, drink a bottle of water. Nobody can get all that angry with a full stomach or bladder.

Rule No four
When Distaste walks past you, laugh. Laugh like you have never laughed before ( from the deep belly kinda laugh). The Point here is You will look happy and more importantly Distaste will think that you are laughing at him and will remain conscious the whole day.

Rule No Five
Hug Distaste, like the warm making up “I really like you” kinda hug. Only ensure that you don’t take a bath for 10 days and absolutely no deos pls. In other words it’s called biological warfare.

And people do tell me what you think. :-) { the nice kind showing the teeth}