Sunday, February 25, 2007

Someone so Morose

Stick like legs
And a deadpan face
Stuck to a principle
That makes no sense
Like a principal
with an upturned nose
walks around
raping creativity
Not My Cuppa Coffee

Cold as a forgotten coffee
Putrid as well
I try to stifle a yawn
And even smile
“You look great”, I tell her
An icy smile
Mindless chatter
“I” “I” “I”
And more of “I”
Shut up, I want to yell
And somewhere I stop
Or trying
We rise to leave
To different homes
No byes or good nights
Freedom at last
From the forgotten coffee

Friday, February 16, 2007

Madras Plus Party on Feb 10th

Too lazy to write about it as it is a thing of the past now.... Hmmmm.....spent a bomb on the green dress(Sidney Sladen)...wore contacts...hubby said that i looked like an overgrown lizard....but kind of had a blast....whole lot of celebs.....I like vikram better than surya...aarthi chabria is skinny...trisha is tall...actress sangeetha is actually thin n pretty...ok watever...about the party?....called the mother of all parties...but if u really ask me...overrated No I am not.....................high

Smitha, me, some guy n Lena

That's my lizard eyes n Sangeetha hot in brown

A whole lot of us....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Baby Boom n Hot Mommas (?)

Manju holding harsh, Me with Kamia n Yash,
Bhavna with Rohan and Ashwathi with Manishka

When it rains babies....

My Princess in white...
That's Harsh.....

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Please God…..

Today my husband’s best friend died….an accident and just like that. He is some months younger than my husband and his son is 9 months old( younger than my daughter). I am crying thinking about what is wife would be going through right now, for his son who’ll never really know his father. I am crying because I am taking so many people for granted, thinking that they would be around for a long time. I am crying because I am fake…. yesterday I was worrying whether my red tattoo would match with the green designer dress I ‘ve ordered for an office party.

I am crying because I heard him speak to my husband this morning and now he’s gone.

Please god may his soul rest in peace and please give his family the strength to go through this .