Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Disaster on casual Friday @ office

From Me......
to Minnie Mouse

(Yes, I was embarassed)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

And what happened?

I’ve been hibernating for a while. Hmmmm…as you can see I have woken up.Here’s what happened. My laptop’s gone to a senior guy , my hair’s lil better, I had a horribly expensive lunch at the Park on a whim when I was broke( credit card of course), I met kamia, Have made a strategy to finally clear my credit card bills for good. Swimming is still something that has eluded me, can float a lil though (missed many classes) That’s me on a nut shell this month.
It can’t get slimmer than this

W-20 is not something that I aspire for, though it’s another matter that I can never get it. After the craze for the iphone, W- 20 seems to be the next must have, at least in the circle that I stick out, like a sore thumb by possessing a W-30.

In case you still don’t get it, this W-20 is the 20-inch waist size casually cultivated by deliberately starving by pretending to work and thus missing breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only form of nourishment would be the endless supply of black sugarless coffee or green tea sans sugar. A typical W-20ite has to have a sharp acumen, great reflexes in avoiding potentially fattening (god forbidden) social gatherings by some how finding “work” to do. This means disappearing during cutting the gooey chocolaty calorie laden birthday cakes and thus giving their share of the birthday cake to the calorie inclined yucky W-30+.

Work could be anything from molesting Google in all permutations. Changing and rearranging photos on Orkut album showing the latest W-20, or long phone conversations strictly with a worried expression or interspaced with “sir” …Maa,m”. The favourite line of a W-20 ite is “ I eat so much”. Flared hips are a sacrilege akin to eating fried potatoes or white rice. White is the colour of nightmare for them. Rice is for pigeons or iyer aunties, cheese is for obese, milk is for cows, sugar is an endearment and eggs are meant to be thrown during bad performances. Black coffee is for the W- 20ites. Hosannas to Black coffee.

The irony of the W-20 culture is that, they want to be W-20 to avoid bulges in one way and to attract bulges in another way. Yea, it’s confusing.