Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thank you Blog Bashers ...

has left a new comment on your post "Bingo !!! Yesterday I was in front of the mirror ...": ur blog is so boring.. there is nothing worth reading in it..bein open is really good but u r just using it for no good.. is it 2 attract more people.. i think u show off 2 much..anyway i didnt like ur blog

Tina has left a new comment on your post " Actually I care I just realised that nobody read...": your blog is stupid and no wonder noone is reading it.. anyway i wil not make the mistake of goin thru this stupid blog again..

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My Mother’s & Mine My feet is in tandem With the ...": iam sorry 2 say this but people like u r the ones who are more bothered about money than ur loved ones..even ur daughter.. and i find ur blog boring and some of ur work outrageous

AND what do I have to say?

Yawn yawn......this blog is not about global warming. It's about ME and my flab....and mostly for me to know what i was thinking and when .Nobody is asking you to read it. Weird that when u found it so borin , you still took the trouble to post comments. So sweet.
@ Anonymous- you are such a coward that you cant even assume an identity when you say things like that. Are you a good nanny? May be you can help.

All your comments came the same day, around the same time . I know who you are. My only advice darlings is ……

Eat helps..

PS: I know more hate mail will come but I looooooooove publicity even negative. muuuuuuah and thank you so much for your comments :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ET GOLF PARTY: When I just couldnt stop smiling

...this guy looks familiar
i love Sangeetha Rao. Check out her tatoo

seriously i think i should stop smilin........

Beware: side effects of smiling too much:Becoming squint eyed and fat.