Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Greatest Actress of them all

Mirror , Mirror on the wall
Who is the greatest actess of them all
It’s you, It’s you……
No , Ramani
Ramani who?

Read on

Oct 16th was Bosses day and as usual I had to take the begging bowl to make people contribute some money. Thankfully many did. We ordered a cake, and got him a Ravi Varma painting( fake of course) for the boss.

We put up a show too…..I was Lola Kutty. Everybody clapped , people who liked me, hated me and they said “ Ay you are such a good actress, wat are you doing here”.

All’s well that ends well or so I thought.

I rushed home waiting to see Ramani at the door , ready with the chappatis and lemonade.
But when I finally reached home, I found the calling bell badly damaged. I started banging the door.

“Aiyooooooo Amma, I am really sick…have high fever and loose Mosan”, she wheezed feebly.

I thought she was going to die. At least she looked it. So I made her lime tea which she drank like a dying Nirupama roy in a melodramatic flick.

She also kept rolling her eyes in a weird psychotic manner interspaced with dying moans.

I almost had a vision of her lunging a knife into me , which I uneasily ignored and frantically called Biju . Meanwhile she was still writhing in the carpet.

Biju to his credit came home in 10 minutes flat. We bundled her to the hospital. I was almost hugging her. Her stink mingling with my Davidoff. I was half repulsed and half teary. Repulsed thinking what she did with the deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, talc, lux soap that I bought her two days ago not to mention the sarees and blouses I got from aunty’s place so that she smells like a lily, looking after kamia and being almost one of us. Teary , because I thought that she was dying.

At the hospital, she was lying in a fetal position moaning and writhing. The hospital authorities insisted in getting the medical file , the card etc which cost a bomb.
Her BP is normal, Temperature is normal. For the “Loose Mosan”, the doc gave some pills.

Doc, should we admit her ?
No, she is not critically ill.
Is she faking it?
I think she is exaggerating a bit.

The cheque of Rs 4000 got realized that day and Ramani’s sudden

So Ramani came home with us, writhed more in the carpet, ate the food I gave her, while I washed her plates and learnt to live with her stink.

The next morning, she was still lyin on the carpet but this time clutching her heart. By night, the pain had traveled to her chest.

Ok Ramani, you can go.

Her bags were already packed some time in between the writhing.

The cheque of Rs 4000 that we had given to the maid agency had realized the day Ramani fell sick.

One Plus One makes two and perfect sense.

Ramani, My maid of 2and a half days, You my dear, are the greatest actress of them all.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good things happen to good people... even to slightly bad people....

I was just surfing through my comp and found lots of moments that i wanted to be a part of this blog. One day , I am gonna be old and i am gonna look at these pics and think....Those were the days......
Nov 27,2004
Once a upon a time i met lots of losers, almost became a magnet for losers. Then one fine day, I went to a nightclub and fell in love with a stranger. He asked me to marry me right then. I said "yes". Three months later this pic happens.....and nine months later Kamia happens..well that's our story.
When we had eyes only for each other.......

The day after the wedding. Biju had fever and i felt great being married....( funny biju was feverish on the wedding day too...but i'd like to think that's cos he is HOT) okay...poor joke..

Two days before my wedding. this photographer made me pose and of course i obliged happily. That's the watch my grandmother gave me for the wedding. I lost it some months later ...well that's another story.

The previous day of my wedding(Nov 26th 2004). That's Afnan( we are not in touch now), Supriya( she is in delhi now) , Me , Meghana my cousin ( when we fight, she used to blackmail me into givin my lipstick to her), Auxilia( My woman friday...the amount of money she has lent me.....).

Well...i fought with Biju this day at night over something silly. I told my mother that I didnt want to get married, she became hysterical but by morning I woke up happy and all ready to get married.
I think Kamia was a month old there. That's ammamma carrying her ...that is Kamia's great grandmother....My hair's long and nice here(sigh)

Kamia a year ago....beena auntie sent me this snap thru email.

7 months old. I think i took this pic and yeahhhhh..... she was smiling at me.

Kamia 6 days old . she has a dimpled chin....

Kamia 2-3 days old . It was Biju's idea to turn her around like this. Sometime after this pic we had to take her to the hospital for photo theraphy. I cried and biju smoked a cigarette something , he hadnt done after marriage. Doctor told us it's nothing serious but still.....

Sometime in Aug 2004, three 0r four days after Kamia was born again taken on Biju's cell phone. Kamia was only 2.3 kgs. Every body said"Oh she is so tiny". And i was thinking....why are they saying that....She has hands, legs and everything. She looks exactly like Biju.
This pic was taken in july 2oo4, i was 7 1/2 months pregnant. Biju had come to see me at my mom's place and he was leaving to chennai that day. I had just taken a bath and was feelin sad that he was leavin. he took this picture from his cell phone. This is the window of my bedroom...where i used to look out for Biju when he came to see me while Kamia grew in me...