Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I have been tagged by Shoonyata. Before I go on , I want to let you all on a secret. I had no idea how this ‘being tagged’ worked. So whoever who’s tagged be before and I’ve been unresponsive, apologies. I was truly ignorant. Thanks Nags for enlightening me.

So here goes.

1)At one point in my life, I used to wear my hubby’s briefs. Just like that. I am not a cross dresser. Well….I think he didn’t mind. And when he made fun of me. I tell him “at least I am not sleeping with anyone else”. We share our tooth brush. Oooops that’s the second random fact.

3)I had a cat called Sooty, who was used to curl on my lap when I was in School. She had a kitten whom we named Kiss Mee. I miss both of them esp Sooty

4)My friend since childhood, Megha and I used to discuss dreams in her room with apple green curtains, back home in Kannur. It was mostly the same dream. Some really hot guy trying to “act smart’ with us and of course we hate it . In reality, we were frumpy and hairy legged and kids so forget the hot guy even looking at us. Then one day Megha is gone, before even the hot guy could “act smart”. Before even I could say bye properly. I miss her on days like today, when I want to talk to someone who knew me from when I had the Janet Jackson hairstyle.

5)I think I was the most creative when I wrote during my heart breaks. Today I am grateful to all the guys who broke my heart cos otherwise I would have been a loser slogging in a weird multi lingual family, fasting and pleasing orthodox inlaws.( all the guys were either deformed, dark, ugly and spoke bad English). Really…what was I thinking?

6)I day dream when I travel by auto or have conversations in my mind, where I speak my mind and get away with it.

7) I want to write a book some day.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I looooooooooooove bijku. he just gave me a laptop. its our 3 rd anniversary today....will tell u more tommorrow......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Queen in Me

I thrive in melodrama like a mushroom that thrives in dampness. When I have a fight with biju over something trivial, I have to shed at least a bucket of tears. If we are fighting in the car, I have to bang the car door and run on the road with tears streaming and kajal smudged. If I am crying at home, I watch myself in the mirror and drown in self pity. And If have pimples and cold, then the melodrama is more intense.

There are things that I hate but can’t be dispassionate about. I have to show my disgust rolling my eyes, smirking and contorting my face in all possible angles…..

I am melodramatic when I fight
When I love
When I am silly
When I am sad
When I look at the sky
And stare into nothingness

The Melo Queen is most supreme on Monday mornings like today. I sigh looking at the monitor.Is this what I want to do? What is it that I want to do? The vision of a bed, half made ( I have never made a bed till now) beckons me. The AC is always not working on a Monday. I am fat on a Monday morning and ugly and irritable and cranky.

Snap out of it. When you don’t have shoes, think about the person with no legs.

I have 30 pairs of shoes and legs.

I am blessed.

And she goes to sleep, the Melo Queen in me. For now.