Thursday, March 27, 2008



My friend says that if someone looks at me, laziness would seep into their bones and they would never ever want to do anything constructive. I look perpetually bored and if laziness is a disease, I am dying.

Is it a crime to be bored?

Biju is busy working, Kamia is busy growing up and I am busy doing nothing. Actually it is an art to do nothing. It just takes up my whole time.

If I am not spending my lifetime in an auto, I am busy delivering work related things or having bored conversations with even more bored clients. Cut , Copy, Paste Then the traffic, the pollution, the clutter in my desk, in my inbox, my silly hair, puffy face , ever expanding waist , obstinate hormones don’t leave much for intellectual usage. So technically I am doing nothing.

My thoughts are cloudy and juvenile. I ‘ve become indifferent to compliments and irritated with criticisms. It’s like the whole world is moving at a rapid pace and I am just a railing of an unoccupied sea facing house. RUSTY.

The irony is, though I have not taxed my brains in a long time, I still don’t manage to sleep for 7 hrs plus or hit the gym.

I am actually happy. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Small is beautiful?

Increments, somebody told me are like peeing in a common loo. You are almost happy with yours till you see your neighbor’s.

I have a really small dick.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


The Bond Girls with Boss

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

In Search Of My Little Nest

Today after a break of 20 days, I hit the gym. After my workout I felt on top of the world, like nothing could ever stop me. The feeling lasted for an hour and then reality struck. People started talking to me about the ‘injustice’. And I was spiralling down. It‘s just not fair. Whatever I am talking about, you will never understand because for once I am not divulging all the details. If I do, a lot a people are going to be on the offensive and I cant afford to do it.

My friend cribs to death and I have joined her. We look at ourselves and think we could have done so much better. So why haven’t we? May be we should take some risks. It’s time to fly from the nest when you realize that the mother bird has become the stepmother.

PS; Just realised tat this is my 100th post.And this is not exactly how i would want this post to be.
Ideally it should have read like this.

I Love My Little Nest

I have been gymming for straight 20 days at a stretch and am feeling on top of the world. People have started talking to me about "it". And I just cant help being escactic. It's like slyly eating a chocolate fantasy during a formal meeting.
Why is Life so beautiful? Watever I am talking about you will never understand cos for once i am not telling you all the details. I dont want to jinx the luck. The "evil eye", i cant afford to get it.

My friend is always happy discussing this. Well...i've have joined her. We look at ourselves and think wow! we have evolved , become much better. There is no place like being in your own lil nest. After all that's where you became who you are....

What do you think?

Monday, March 03, 2008

I auto* blog more.....

I am always blogging in my mind…mostly when I am in the auto. One thought leads to another . Bitchy remarks…satires…philosophies….wishes…dreams.

And today when I visit my blog, I find nothing. No post at all.

It was just yesterday I made that story about David the foreigner going down on Mallika , the Iyer girl….I think that story would click and most importantly I like the story.

I was also thinking that I love the name Zulaika…..If I were a muslim I would want to be Zulaika Zoyab(I think the surname goes well). Exotic….radical….and smelling of an Arabian flower. There is a house in Khader Nawaz Khan Road called Zulaika. I wonder who she is.

There was another post that I half finished, when I was angry with Biju for ignoring me and wanting to work. It was a revenge fantasy. It goes like this. He would have a friend who looks like Shiny Ahuja ( yea rite) and who want to drive me and kamia around . Lets name him Ashish…hmmmm…not Ashish , Its obivious and kind of sissy. Rajiv it is. This Rajiv would obviously and secretly love me. But I would be always be trying to match him with my girl friends while Rajiv downs orange juice thinking of me and Biju would be burning with jealousy…and I would be oblivious to all this …always smiling .
I told you that It's a fantasy…

Hmmm……also I am beginning to think that Bitchy man is okay or it could also be him putting on an act.

I am also not been going to the gym after the last actual post but been toying with the idea of taking a Before and After Pic. But what if I get stuck with my Before Pic forever?

And there are so many other mundane posts……

At this moment my blogs during the auto rides coyly marry the blogs that stay in my real blog. There are gonna live in ooopsmommy happily ever after …even if I am gone.

Good Night.

for wat?

i'l tell u on April 6th.

Watch this space.....