Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My Baby and I


I’ve officially put in my papers and signed an offer letter of another company. While signing the papers, there was no power in that office, the moment I signed, the power snapped on. The HR girl says that’s a good sign.

Well, I put in my papers on a warm boring day. It seemed like the most sensible thing to do. The earth didn’t shake. The flowers continued to bloom. Nobody is indispensable. Of course they asked me to stay. I am not going to.

What really changed after I put in my papers was my equation with people who I thought were my friends. They also put in their papers on me.I could see their eyes dim even before I am gone. My boss always said that you cant really have lasting friendships in office. So that’s that.

I’ve also given the boot to my stay-in cook. I just had to get rid of her, get rid of her stink that was becoming an integral part of the house. Since she doesn’t believe in taking baths, in spite of me imploring her to do so, I had to do the inevitable .

Its hectic even crazy but life goes on.....as usual.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Birthday- In Reverse Chronology

April 6th , 2008
Am officially 27

When the clock struck 12, Biju landed in my arms, hugging and singing Happy Birthday darling wife……

But I was thinking hmmmph , no cake, no flowers( not that I love flowers but still) and I started feeling grumpy on my birthday.

But suddenly , somebody starts banging on the door.

A yummy chocolate cake appears with a hyper lena and her roomie smitha.

They are singing “happy birthday to you……………….”

I start crying
a) because I didn’t expect it at all
b) because I saw the cake tat said... Happy birthday sexy ass
c) Because Lena took the effort to come all way just to make my b’day special
d) Also because I am turning old and becoming my mother. I think I will cry if a crow shits in saidapet…whatever.

And Lena asks me to play a game. Treasure hunt.

She had hid chits all over the house that afternoon , when I wasn’t at home.

Clue 1
You are obsessed with something?
Ans : Mirror

Other than you Biju is obsessed with…
Ans TV

I cushion an important part of your body
Ans Shoes

I am your favourite time Pass

I am available in the foem of chocolate icecream and..?

I am a part of kamia’s daily life
School bag

And Bingo…my gift lies in kamia’s bag.

I am ecstatic. It’s a watch. A digital waterproof, shock aborbant one I wanted for the gym( I am planning to start from Wednesday)

Afternoon Biju takes me out for lunch and we go shopping for my gifts.

He buys me an amazing fossil watch and puma shoes.

I love Biju truly madly deeply, with my whole being.

But sometimes, I hate him too….esp when the ferris wheel goes down and down

Well…we fought on April 5th ….and back to love on April 6th…cos the ferris wheel is high and its not gonna come down for some time. I am the queen of the sky sitting in my basket of the wheel.

Then it was dinner time.

Swati with green eyes, friend from college said nice things about me on stage…..

More haapy birthday singing
Cutting another cake
Smiles, laughter, bored complacency…general signs of wellbeing

We went berserk and clicked a lot of pics.

We were 5 of us and a toddler

Padma, salim, swati, biju, kamia and I.

It was a beautiful day.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Its soon gonna be april 6th...so whts the news?

asks Tys on Ice.

On April 6th I will be 27. I wanted to lose weight and post a pic in a bikini on my birthday. That I guess will have to wait. Still fat. Lost my resolve yet again and got my hair straightened. Still dont know driving. Still broke like last month and the month before that. Still have a messy desk and inbox. Over the years I haven’t changed a bit. it was cute to be all of this as a girl…in a woman it’s downright sloppy.

Not that I care. I am this way by choice.

Will try to be thin though.

Somebody told me to try this game…. Pretend that somebody extremely hot is watching you all the time. I have started playing this game and have stopped scratching my butt or put matchsticks in my ear( a disgusting habit that I have). I am smiling more often and even looking a lil sexy.

Ok . I am in a candid frame of mind. So I will let you on to a secret. Do you really wanna know who told me about this game.

It’s N-A-M-I-T-H-A.

Yea…I am still as silly as ever.