Monday, July 28, 2008


One day , they met after years. He was tall and confident but she saw him differently now unlike years ago. his eyes have dried up designed with lil criss crossing lines which can look cute depending on the way you look at him but she didnt like it anymore. lips were greyish and dehydrated kissed by a million cigars which she didnt notice before. he was downright ugly now and before.

Ugly inside out.

But years ago, she loved that ugliness and cried in her hostel room , when he left her for another woman.

As she walked away, she smiled knowing how close, she was to crying for the rest of her life.

Thank god for heart breaks.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mommy goes to party sans baby with bro n cousin idea of posing. Thank god for the jacket that covered the oil bubbles

i resemble a superstar- Mohan lal

My bro, me ( looking like an oily tanker ) and cousin ( who is wearing my top)
It's been a while since I actually partied. I just clubbed a couple of times but was cut short by my hubby prompt calls where I could hear somebody wailing, lustily and throatily AMMMAA.......
So the maternal instinct in me did a full monty and I rushed home albeit a little irritated to my daughter.
So is this how my life's gonna be? An amma who cant step out at night?

So last Saturday, I was all the more determined to make it to the Filmfare party. As usual Biju was at work, so decided that it will be my non smoking, veggie, teetotaler brother and cousin who is 17and some months old to do the honours of accompanying me to the party ,to party with the stars.

It was a last minute decision, so Ididn’t have the tickets and plus couldn’t blow dry my hair which was a little tragic considering my hair can at best be described as "nothing much on earth"( my auntie’s words). If this is bad enough, my cousin kept on saying "you look like a pig, a fat one". That could be combated with ingenious dressing.

Then at around 10 pm I got a brilliant idea to make my hair shiny. I think it's my mallu genes which helped in taking that decision of boiling coconut hair and then putting it on my hair to wash off to a silky shiny mane. I have to tell that somewhere in all this, the boiling oil slipped from my hands to leave splats of skin bubbles on my cleavage and arms.

I yelped in pain and thanked god for ice cubes but the tough never quits, so I put on a red jacket and was off to party in one of the most posh hotels in Chennai by literally jumping into the awaiting car....a brand new, silky silver, fully loaded maruti 800 ( my brother's).

My brother looked kind of cute wearing a satin black shirt a far cry from his army jawan kind of dressing. My cousin, Meghana, well looked 17, resplendent , sporting specs and curls.

Some how , I sponged some extra tickets which I had to get from a friend who house i've visited a million times ,yet not surprising couldn’t find. My indiscriminate barrage of "go left .. no right..hmm" finally ended with the car hitting the pavement and darling brother refused to budge and rushed out to check the damage to his lady love, even cleaning the scratches with his hands.

Finally I walked till eternity on my stilettos and found the house and got the tickets.
We managed to reach the party at 12pm and they were announcing "the bar will be shut in 10 mins"
It actually did and I don’t have to tell you more about the party.

PS: Some stars were really fat, even fatter than me. Even my namesake.