Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No friends Pls…Only Strategic Alliances

There is a golden rule to be followed at work, which I break most of the time and suffer.
I here by pledge to follow that rule and never ever break it for the good of me.
Amen to that.

The rule is:
Never ever get close to any body at work, accidentally, deliberately, under duress or just like that.
You know, it simply is not worth it.
No body needs to know my PMS cycles, the perfume I wear, my relationship with my husband, my daughter’s eating habits, my ex boy friend’s names, the reason of the break ups, how I met my husband , my constant fight to lose weight and the conflicting treacherous appetite.

If they know, they are just gonna screw you with that little bit of inane but potentially unprofessional information.

Also when you talk to people, you generally assume that they like you because you feel you are likeable with not much hang ups and after all you are baring your heart , to someone you like.

You get lulled by it surrounded by laughter.

Then one day, especially when you are smiling broadly, they just tell right on your face.

Shut the @#$% up.

And you have to….

…To go back to your workstation to lick the wounds.

Really. Never. Ever.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Stair mates...

There is someone i meet on the stairs. It's always by accident and it doesnt help one bit that he is downright gorgeous.
I hope i am not acting stupid but some men among a sea of men have that effect on you. You like watching them more than others, wondering how they there. Today, we were discussing that he lost his beard and hence was looking incredibly cuter.
Some of my friends say that he is dumb and sometimes stammers a lot during meetings but another group says that's because he thinks faster than he speaks.

Some say that he is tight tisted. Actually it doesnt matter, he's never gonna spend on me.

Wat ever they say, he is my stair mate who pops up suddenly in the stairs startling me a bit and making me smile a lot.

So wat about Biju? I like watching him, fighting with him, cuddling and coochie cooing , having him for keeps to climb the stairs with me - however steep or slippery because he is what is called my soul mate.