Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Really Inane

No new posts do not mean that my life has come to a standstill. In fact so many inane things clubbed together have given me some great moments. Since you know me by now, I am not gonna dwell on happiness because it’s always fleeting however long it stays. It’s the boredom, the irritability that lingers.

I am in office in my comfort salwar kameez and bathroom slippers and I feel almost at peace, far from how I felt in the morning. At the gym they told me without a blink that I am technically obese and I have around 32 percent body fat which is way too high. I just wanted to throw the towel and walk out forever. But I kinda spied a fit and getting fitter Imran Khan and thought otherwise.

A very inane thing that I noticed about IK is that he is always in white and black , every single day that I have seen him.

Yesterday Biju and I were at the supermarket and I see a woman with fountain hair and Sania glasses staring at him . And they have an eye locked moment amidst britannias and veggies. He turns to look at me sheepish, I smile and walk with him till we are out of focus of the starer. Then I twist his arm really hard. He beams. A lil bit of jealousy is a good thing.

I also like to clarify that I don’t stare at IK. I am not a starer. I ignore people that I find attractive. And if I’ve been talking to you and staring, now you know what it really means.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Imran , what art thou?

I’ve joined a gym again and really hoping to be regular. It’s the second day today. There’s this guy working out, who looks exactly like Imran Khan of Jaane tu fame and Kidnap debacle . He is damn drool worthy. I’ve caught him looking at me once or twice. It could also be my imagination tricked by sweating buckets that lead to dehydration induced illusions. Whatever it is he is cute. I’ve already referred him to my single friend who is very interested and wants to know other details as well. But the only turn off is that he has PINK lips. He could be gay. If he is, then he is gonna be my fren. If not my friend gets him. That’s a good deal rite?
And now for my friend’s sake, I have to gym (wink).
Gay:-) straight:-( gay:-) straight:-( gay:-) straight :-(………gay:-)