Friday, December 19, 2008

Three is a crowd!

Being lonely and having no friends is sad but somehow one gets used to the loneliness and finds solace in doing things that one is passionate about. The most thought provoking ideas stem from solitude, so does immortal works of art; books, songs, paintings - all crafted carefully by dexterous fingers in moments of loneliness and even pain by a very lively brain. What is truly heartbreaking in life is being the Third Wheel.

This post is dedicated to all the Third Wheels in Life. Third Wheel trapped in marriages, The Third Wheel among lovers, Third Wheel of friends. I feel your pain. You are worse than the garbage because the stink is from inside and you are constantly trying to escape that, little knowing that it is the stink of being “the Third Wheel”.

The third wheel existence in life is to give company to the other legitimate wheels whose bonding levels are sky –scraping , to the extent that TW will always be the outsider .
If you are trapped in any of these situations, god forbid !

*You always end up passenger seat in the car. The front seat goes to the First wheel/Second wheel every single time.

*You are always driving and they both are in the passenger seat.

*You are the messenger. Your job is to repeat verbatim, words, emotions, expressions of the other wheels to each other.

*You are the temple friend, somebody the first wheel accompanies in the process of meeting the second wheel in a temple/bus stand/canteen etc.

*You are a crowd of three and not part of the special looks/subtle touches exchanged by the other two.

*You are there but very much not there.

*That you are the legitimate but are treated otherwise

And many more such instances. I hope you get the drift.

But sadly Third wheels only wake up when they get the message flat on their faces
“Thank you for being there. Now we don’t need you anymore”

Need some tissues TW?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crack in my lil finger....

Its official…I fractured my little finger and suffered quite a bit under the care of a certified quack. So now its re bandaged and I am painfree.

So here comes some pics of me suffering(lol) but working hard to spread the glory of my company all over the world like a lone martyr – narcissistic and a lil cracked up!


Kyunki yeh Life hai…
Because this is Life …

Sometimes when I look around, I feel that I am part of a mega soap. A narrator of sorts without a script.Some of the things that are happening are so absurd that my beliefs are shattered like little glass shreds on a hot day. Some trample on it unscathed while others get hurt by the sharp edges.
These are slices of life that bemused me and some that shook me a little.

Some years ago in college, my friend just stopped coming to college. Then I saw her a month later and she appeared to be "hugely" different. After years of believing that she woke up like that one fine day, now she tells me without a blink, over a glass of vodka…"those are the implants"... The best part was I didn’t blink back .

There was this beautiful girl, smart, vivacious and a nice person , when I saw her in college I knew that she would conquer the world. Now, she has a little girl and is on the brink of a divorce for no reasonale fault of hers where as the certified dunce in my class is painting the world red and has leaped the career ladder like rabbits in lust. And she isn’t even remotely nice looking and her communication skills are zilch. Beats me.

Then there are others who seemed to have all but their lipstick is to hide quivering lips, glossy hair is a painful effort to divert the mind from pain . The laughter is loud but hollow and the mist in the eye after a good laugh is actually tears , of pain , sorrow, anger , knowing that they had it all but still have nothing.

While manipulative little things, with fake smiles and dried up brains walk away with trophies and bask in confetti and all the nice things showered by life…even the narrator cant but sigh in exasperation.