Friday, December 04, 2009

Life so far......

I have been ignoring you ooopsmoomy, lot of things have taken my fancy and occupied my time and I almost forgot you. You are what I am and I need to keep you posted for me at a later date. Who knows I could get alzheimer's and these memories will be all that I have and I will always be immortal.

I have been bad.
I was crowned the Venus at work
I have turned a year older
I got the driving license
I sold the car (but still have the license)
I performed at the performer’s league. Loved that 20 minutes of spotlight
I have an i phone and a waio now
I cut my hair really short and went curly
I straightened it back again
My brother got engaged and I looked like an aravani with my short curly hair
I digressed in life. I actually logged on to yahoo messenger , something that I had not done in years...asl?lol? wtf?
I made a call to Pakistan
I went for an audition as a vj. Was pretty decent , If i am not getting through its only because the others were skinny and prettier. So no regrets.
I lost weight
I put on the lost weight
Now I have a cold and I am physically feverish and sick.
Life is great and yet sucks....
There is this void....................

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High Hopes

“Bitch come close to me” he says and bites my neck. Little goose bumps cover my arms. I clench my thighs.
“So can we work out this strategy?"…a voice trails
I wake up and stare at him blankly. My mind has been wandering again in the land of erotica.
Huh..yeah Yeah I answer.
Seconds mingle to mins and minutes slitter to hours and I am still in the meeting
Sometimes when I am bored, I think of wild sex.
Wild movements…
People jumping wildly out of the window…out of the meeting room.

We were a bunch of people talking animatedly about things that mattered the least to us,we had to because we were getting paid for that. At the extreme right was a very insignificant guy…like one of those guys even the ugliest woman ignored. For some weird reason I felt irritated just having him in the room. That perfectly combed oily hair, the pretended concentration and then I spied it. I thought first it was a rash. I leaned closer and ascertained that it was undoubtedly a symbol of an act of passionate nature.
He was sporting a hicky…not the boring maroon patch but a fresh crimson bite hicky.
Now that made it interesting. The Sexholic Holmes in me woke up.

I scanned the woman next to him. Droopy saggy chin, short hair, crooked teeth but sharp. Her forearms were touching him. He was leaning towards feigning interest in her presentation. Elementary Watson. Its her .

I watch him with rapt attention that after sometime I could hear their collected breathing separated from everyone else’s. Then I catch the rhythm of her arms supposedly touching
his accidently. I could see the glisten of sweat on his upper lips and she was biting her lower lips. His breath was hot on her cheeks and he started necking her …and then he slumps down on her.

There are on the floor.She is screaming. “he has fainted, he has fainted”.
Every body looks at them immobolised for a few seconds.. then the Director springs into action. And turns him over

“O god, look at this guys neck, full of rashes. I think he has measeles”.

Meeting over.

I look at the ill guy, my unfounded irritation replaced with gratitude.
The woman who sat next to him who looked slutty seconds before looked like a conservative mother of three now.

How one man’s Hicky became another man’s measles.

“How things change in seconds…This could be the script of Tata Docomo” I think.
Meanwhile, nothing has changed. The meeting goes on.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wish upon a Key board

Once upon a time in a windowless office of a high rise building worked little Sujatha. Little, because she was short, insignificant and the littlest in the organization chart, just about earning a few hundreds more than the office boy. Sometimes people bumped into her and didn’t even notice. She was that inconspicuous.

Like in all offices of the world, they followed some unspoken corporate mantra diligently. The consequences of which were very belittling to Little Sujatha. In the beginning of the month, every body laughed more and frequented the social networking sites with a vengeance. They updated status messages with smileys and left scraps to each other. Needless to say Little Sujatha was excluded from this camaraderie.

Good looking junior executives were bullied and teased but everybody conveniently ignored Little Sujatha because nobody really wanted to date her or even talk to her. It was then she read a story about why people bully or talk about others- something to the effect that people throw stones only at trees laden with fruit. She was sadly a barren tree, even boring to be bullied or cared for. This story scarred her a bit and she shed a hasty tear or two in acute self pity. Of course no body noticed.

When mid month approached , every body’s smile faded a bit and towards the end of month , they put on their running shoes and jogged hard to get businesses and make clients happy and most importantly to please the Office Priestess Rochelle- beautiful, intelligent, rich and born under a spotlight. When she walked into that windowless office, doors opened and spectacles frosted. Her voice was musical with a strong commanding ring. People listened to her, loathed her success but loved her nonetheless. It was rumoured that on Rochelle’s instruction, that her suite like cabin was always sprayed with the latest launched bottled smell - Chanel or Versace or whatever that changed according to her whims .

By virtue of sitting around Rochelle’s cabin Little Sujatha would get that whiff of the latest in the international scene which she always associated with success and would often cross her fingers wanting to be Rochelle, the beautiful tree laden with the choicest fruits.

Then one day, she heard a voice. She swore it was the computer talking to her.
Press F5. Now. You shall find what you want.
She types slowly and deliberately. Rochelle, I want to be Rochelle.

She feels herself being lifted, tenderly but somehow compellingly. And there she was enveloped by a smell so tingling cushioned in a seat so warm and leathery. She smiles in delight and the spectacles of the Executive Assistant frost. Her heart sings a beautiful song praising her for finally being the tree with the choicest of fruits. Then it stops on its own and little jets of pain shoot through her shoulders slowly and steadily. Diamond beads like sweat spring on her face and neck and trickle down like small comical rivers. Then the pain becomes a dream. A painful dream but real. Unbearable, scary and she hits the floor with her hand clutching her heart.
A heart attack the doctor confirms later. Must have been all the stress being the boss, Poor thing.

Meanwhile little Rochelle sat at her desk excluded from all the office camaraderie- Away from the spotlight and feeling light bereft of all the fruits that once weighed her down. Happy to be just a tree at last.
Sweet Talker

We were walking by the woods and the sweet talker says “ I can climb the highest peak for you”. The leaves start to fall and we encounter a little mole hill. I smile at him say ”this is the mountain, climb it”. And he disappears in a blink

Then my phone rings and he explains in the sweetest soothing tone. That mole hills are way too small and climb he would only the highest peak with his bare hands.

I yawned and deleted his no.

Next please.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am restless…it feels like I am always in a race…running hard but never winning. Sometimes I have the medal in my hand; it’s golden and shining and makes me proud. Then in a blink it’s gone. I am empty handed and running…restless, always in a race never winning.

I don’t want to be this way.
Fuchsia Pink

Her fingers on the key board ran amok but the eyes were listless. Sometimes waiting for ever can do that to a person. She pursed her lips; scabs were forming on them as if mocking her a bit. But she decides against going to the coffee machine. She can’t afford that. Not now. Last year was different. Plus it would take approximately twenty seconds to cross the corridor , another 20 to pause for a turn or maybe more because today there seem to be more than a usual crowd there. Another 2 minutes to drink coffee perfunctorily doled out by that cold judgmental machine. 20 seconds back. Total 2mins 40 secs. Enough time to mail a reply on the profitability table and stretch her arms a bit. Her neck feels like iron.

But she is prepared. Not really. One can never be prepared. But one can brace against it, as she is doing now. She saw it in his eyes today. Though they exchanged no words, his eyes said it all. She might have to give away the car, move to another city or worst go back to her father and drown in the deafening silence of “I told you so, you were better off with us”. “Why god! Why me?” She thought again. A lone tear fell on the keyboard sloppily.

She finally decides to take that 2 minute 40 second break. Not for coffee though.
Papa, I am coming home
Silence, no whys, what, how….just silence
And palpable relief
The travel agent will come with your tickets. So now you are ready to get married?
That’s my girl.
Click. End of conversation.
She then takes her sim out and slowly starts cutting it with precision. Yes, she is a coward, running way from him, from his carefully modulated “boss talk” that would break the news. The wait for the pink slip is finally over.

Sometime after she walks out never to appear in that office, he walks in to her bay and leaves a letter ironically in a pink cover with a lovely red bow. He feels happy that she got this promotion.

Damn I love her…

This is a story i wrote for an IT daily....they didnt publish it finds its place in you.
Saif and Secure and lot "more" (wink)

It was a boring day and i was walking in the supermarket and guess who i meet? I put my cheeks close to his and we get closer and then he whispers I want "more". Sorry bebo..(lol)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Crazy nite at 10 D

My hair looks like a is not...only very artificial...but i sure had a blast!!!

2009 and a Voice from Outside

Procrastination has been the flavour of the year for me….Since you didn’t get to see my any of my posts. Let me update you in a jiffy.

Began the year with a new year party, had a blast not the earth shattering one but the grounded okay types…check out some of the pics.

Lot of things have been happening , nothing I can remember. Been pub hopping quite a bit check it out )
Let me tell you about the latest voice. So here goes.

The Voice…

There is this voice that just made me extremely happy …you know one of those drawly voices that make your insides curl. I did to mine too. I was smiling more…my cheeks felt flushed. The voice had a nice laugh too..slow and lazy with a tinge of bubble. I even contemplated recording the voice.

The voice said nice things…decent stuff yet very exciting and some lies. But little lies were okay cos voice was just too good. “I am your best friend”, the voice said and I agreed loving the tenor.

So what’s in a voice, you might ask
Everything I would say…..

Work became a cheerful place…after work even more….there was a song in my heart that matched with the song of the voice. The voice laughed and made me laugh. Some of my friends became jealous of the voice but I didn’t care. Then all wise Lena told me “ You feel like this cos you are turning a year older soon and subconsciously you cant accept that you are no longer” young” anymore…you are a psycho, you’ll get bored with this voice”. “Never “, I screamed.

This is the voice that’s music to me. I was suspended in a continual state of excitement for almost two days. I searched for the voice when I couldn’t hear it…My best friend voice and nothing more…singing many a lore that’s pleased me to the core.

Then the inevitable happened. I met the attachment with the voice.

What’s in a voice you might ask?
Nothing I would say… absolutely nothing

Lena was right after all….and how can a voice become a best friend overnight? Beats me…now.