Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Crazy nite at 10 D

My hair looks like a is not...only very artificial...but i sure had a blast!!!

2009 and a Voice from Outside

Procrastination has been the flavour of the year for me….Since you didn’t get to see my any of my posts. Let me update you in a jiffy.

Began the year with a new year party, had a blast not the earth shattering one but the grounded okay types…check out some of the pics.

Lot of things have been happening , nothing I can remember. Been pub hopping quite a bit check it out )
Let me tell you about the latest voice. So here goes.

The Voice…

There is this voice that just made me extremely happy …you know one of those drawly voices that make your insides curl. I did to mine too. I was smiling more…my cheeks felt flushed. The voice had a nice laugh too..slow and lazy with a tinge of bubble. I even contemplated recording the voice.

The voice said nice things…decent stuff yet very exciting and some lies. But little lies were okay cos voice was just too good. “I am your best friend”, the voice said and I agreed loving the tenor.

So what’s in a voice, you might ask
Everything I would say…..

Work became a cheerful place…after work even more….there was a song in my heart that matched with the song of the voice. The voice laughed and made me laugh. Some of my friends became jealous of the voice but I didn’t care. Then all wise Lena told me “ You feel like this cos you are turning a year older soon and subconsciously you cant accept that you are no longer” young” anymore…you are a psycho, you’ll get bored with this voice”. “Never “, I screamed.

This is the voice that’s music to me. I was suspended in a continual state of excitement for almost two days. I searched for the voice when I couldn’t hear it…My best friend voice and nothing more…singing many a lore that’s pleased me to the core.

Then the inevitable happened. I met the attachment with the voice.

What’s in a voice you might ask?
Nothing I would say… absolutely nothing

Lena was right after all….and how can a voice become a best friend overnight? Beats me…now.