Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am restless…it feels like I am always in a race…running hard but never winning. Sometimes I have the medal in my hand; it’s golden and shining and makes me proud. Then in a blink it’s gone. I am empty handed and running…restless, always in a race never winning.

I don’t want to be this way.
Fuchsia Pink

Her fingers on the key board ran amok but the eyes were listless. Sometimes waiting for ever can do that to a person. She pursed her lips; scabs were forming on them as if mocking her a bit. But she decides against going to the coffee machine. She can’t afford that. Not now. Last year was different. Plus it would take approximately twenty seconds to cross the corridor , another 20 to pause for a turn or maybe more because today there seem to be more than a usual crowd there. Another 2 minutes to drink coffee perfunctorily doled out by that cold judgmental machine. 20 seconds back. Total 2mins 40 secs. Enough time to mail a reply on the profitability table and stretch her arms a bit. Her neck feels like iron.

But she is prepared. Not really. One can never be prepared. But one can brace against it, as she is doing now. She saw it in his eyes today. Though they exchanged no words, his eyes said it all. She might have to give away the car, move to another city or worst go back to her father and drown in the deafening silence of “I told you so, you were better off with us”. “Why god! Why me?” She thought again. A lone tear fell on the keyboard sloppily.

She finally decides to take that 2 minute 40 second break. Not for coffee though.
Papa, I am coming home
Silence, no whys, what, how….just silence
And palpable relief
The travel agent will come with your tickets. So now you are ready to get married?
That’s my girl.
Click. End of conversation.
She then takes her sim out and slowly starts cutting it with precision. Yes, she is a coward, running way from him, from his carefully modulated “boss talk” that would break the news. The wait for the pink slip is finally over.

Sometime after she walks out never to appear in that office, he walks in to her bay and leaves a letter ironically in a pink cover with a lovely red bow. He feels happy that she got this promotion.

Damn I love her…

This is a story i wrote for an IT daily....they didnt publish it finds its place in you.
Saif and Secure and lot "more" (wink)

It was a boring day and i was walking in the supermarket and guess who i meet? I put my cheeks close to his and we get closer and then he whispers I want "more". Sorry bebo..(lol)