Friday, December 04, 2009

Life so far......

I have been ignoring you ooopsmoomy, lot of things have taken my fancy and occupied my time and I almost forgot you. You are what I am and I need to keep you posted for me at a later date. Who knows I could get alzheimer's and these memories will be all that I have and I will always be immortal.

I have been bad.
I was crowned the Venus at work
I have turned a year older
I got the driving license
I sold the car (but still have the license)
I performed at the performer’s league. Loved that 20 minutes of spotlight
I have an i phone and a waio now
I cut my hair really short and went curly
I straightened it back again
My brother got engaged and I looked like an aravani with my short curly hair
I digressed in life. I actually logged on to yahoo messenger , something that I had not done in years...asl?lol? wtf?
I made a call to Pakistan
I went for an audition as a vj. Was pretty decent , If i am not getting through its only because the others were skinny and prettier. So no regrets.
I lost weight
I put on the lost weight
Now I have a cold and I am physically feverish and sick.
Life is great and yet sucks....
There is this void....................