Friday, June 04, 2010

Pancake woes

It's almost 7.30 pm and I am going through the most disgusting
experience of my life . As I am punching on the keys to update you, he
is rubbing pan cake on my face and his breath is rancid near my face.
I hold my breath and try not to breathe the same air. A small spit
bubble lands on my face... I cringe and rub it . "stop talking you
as&;:/' , next time you saliva spray ... Am gonna fucking punch you' ,
I want to say but I don't . I just let it pass...meanwhile the hair
guy is styling my hair... I feel drained ... Dead. Exactly in 30
mins , I will be facing the camera ...bright lights... My hair near
perfect and face bright and smiley and some people will call me n tell
me that they watch my show everyday , they are my fans, some like my
clothes... One or two want to love me... I will flirt and giggle with
them till the producer says "pack up" and then I will sink into the
arms of tiredness without the pancake ....
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pRasad said...

Are you anchoring some show?..

Suree said...

oh yeah ,same question from me too

Abhid-d said...

Hi again. I may suggest that given the liveliness and innocence of your blog so far (its quite unlike sleazy blogs like Compulsive Confessor), the use of expletives does not make for a good read.

Thank you.

arunphilipjose said...

Which show you are anchoring?