Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An eating marathon n Amma's birthday

I woke up to Kamia's phone call."Today is a special day",she says.
OMG! My mother's birthday, I almost forgot and the day I also got married which any way has no significance now . I realise that I was running late and from then on it was a whirlwind of action and non stop eating  - day at the plant with my boss and team , strategy sessions, meetings, semiya khichdi, oranges, plant tour, chicken roll (2nos), con call , half biriyani,bournvita (2nos ),carrot cake,banana cake , presentation , car ride back home, wheat pulao at home and now plonked in front of the TV trying to blog on my phone and wanting to lose at least 5 kgs to start with.
Seriously that's me for you today !

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