Saturday, November 30, 2013


The night is inky and even the street lights have been shut out of my bedroom as the darkness of the night has somehow enveloped them. I assume the whole neighbourhood is sleeping because the silence is deafening . Lena is sleeping in my living room couch and I am wide awake. Images flash. 
We are in the kitchen and he is teaching me to make dosas. So many misses, finally i got it right.It's round and not broken. That was a moment.
Then the other day I just follow his advice and reverse park the car in the tiniest space. He had taught me how to do that and yesterday I did it without him . 
And slowly I realise that he is gone for good. 
Sometimes all you get out of a relationship is to learn to make dosas and park a car. 
At least that is better than nothing. 
Good night ! I am sleepy now .


Sri Nagalakshmi Karumuri said...

Hey namitha, i actually missed seeing updates from you..was checking once in a while to see how you have been...My hugs and love to you..some relationships are not even worth the dosa and car reverse...I am glad you are happy and seeing lovely life ahead with Kamia ;)

Eashwar said...

but you still have charm in those sleepy eyes,you still have the power to defeat your swimming teacher who tries to kill you,you still have n like butterflies and you still love doubt you have a heart which can still accomodate everything incl those what you hate

Plz write more and get out of all the bad